SXSW2016 official showcase schedule of KAO=S


SXSW announced official live-show schedule of KAO=S in their official site.

■Wednesday, March 16 @ International Day Stage
1:00PM~ (531 E 4th St) 

■Friday, March 18 [Japan Nite] @ Elysium
9:00PM~ (705 Red River St)

Please come to join us!! See more details in link below.

KAO=S showcased with future musical instrument application “KAGURA”.



KAO=S held a live-show on Feb 28th in Tokyo.
They showcased with future musical instrument application “KAGURA”.
You can perform it without touching anything. KAGURA can recognize your movement and gesture by camera.
Please check the performance of “KAGURA×KAO=S” on YouTube.

KAO=S will release new album “Dawn of the Planet Chaos”!!

KAOS-1001 jacket 1600×1600
KAO=S will release the online digital version of their new album
“Dawn of the Planet Chaos” on the 31st of October on iTunes in 111 countries, and the high fidelity version on Japanese website OTOTOY.
More release details below.
Please check KAO=S Newsrelease

Mikio Ariga, famous rock photographer, took KAO=S’s photos for the new album. He is official The Rolling Stones photographer for Japan and has taken photos for many famous rock musicians.
KAO=S will sell the album at live-show venues in November, and release it in January 2016 to music shops and online retailers.

In “Dawn of the Planet Chaos,” the four stringed, fretted musical instrument “Yomisen” which shamisen player Jack invented is used in many pieces. Many guest musicians played with KAO=S in this album, including Daisuke Kaminaga who is the shakuhachi player of the Wagakki band. In addition, songs “Taimatsu” and “Maboroshi” will be featured in Australian independent film モンドヤクザ – MondoYakuza. This movie will be released in 2016.

■Release information
・Album Title; Dawn of the Planet Chaos
・Catalog No : KAOS-1002
・Release Date; Online digital release: October 31th.
※We will release the high fidelity digital version on Japanese website OTOTOY.
CD release: January 2016
I will post details of iTunes link and CD net shop when album released.

■「Dawn of the Planet Chaos」Song Title
8)Roaring Tokyo (New mix version)

■Guest Musicians
Daisuke Kaminaga (Shakuhachi M-2,8), Kazuhiro Kobayashi
(Drums M-1,4,5,7 / Purcussions M-6,8,9), Takumi Katsuya (Bass M-1,2,4,5,7), Kumi Takahara (Violin M-4), Osamu Hata (Drum programing M-2,3)

KAO=S will appear at the special event “Japanese/Brazilian friendship 120th anniversary “ held in SaoPaulo.

ブラジル英語jpg 2015-8-22_11-59-15_No-00-vert


Official Website of Hanabi Maturi  

KAO=S will appear at the “Hanabi Matsuri (Fireworks Festival) “ held in SaoPaulo on the12th of September. This is a special event to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Japanese and Brazilian friendship (120 anos de amizade Japão/Brasil(日ブラジル友好120周年). The event will be held at the Intel Lagos circuit (Autódromo José Carlos Pace,) well known for hosting Formula One races. The event starts at 11:00 a.m. and the opera “Madam Butterfly” will have show on stage. Brazilian band Animadness and Japanese female SKA band ORESKABAND will appear live as well. At night, about 4,500 fireworks will be launched by Japanese pyrotechnicians. Celebrated Japanese fashion designer Junko Koshino will produce the fireworks display. KAO=S will appear on stage from 3:30 pm and will perform a one hour show. This event will be KAO=S’s first performance in Brazil, which they feel is a great honour and will be a pleasure to do. KAO=S will perform songs from their new album in this event.

KAO=S signed contract with Strawberry Hill Music

Strawberry Hills Music Website

KAO=S signed contract with Strawberry Hill Music, events booking agency at the North America area. Strawberry Hill Music have contracts with Japanese girls unit Yanakiku, Shonen Knife and many Japanese voice actors. Strawberry Hill Music, is a booking and artist relations agency company focusing on providing quality entertainment for audiences at anime, video game, and Asian cultural events. Our contract is unexclusive. However, we share work with them to perform activities in North America area more smoothly. We had begun collaborating with booking agency Fuchsia based in Tokyo for other areas from last month, too. We hope KAO=S will be able to appear live in many countries now, and we hope will see you soon. – KAO=S Staff-

KAO=S’s crowd funding campaign started on Indiegogo.


【KAO=S need help to release their new album !! 】
KAO=S’s crowd funding campaign started on Indiegogo. KAO=S is Japanese indie rock band. Our sounds combine Japanese traditional elements and modern Rock music, along with musical theatre. We developed our music and performance into a ‘‘Japanese Art Rock Band” that we’re sure you’ll love. Please check out the Indiegogo page and please support us there. It would be a great help to us if you share our campaign with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

- From Indiegogo page-
Many music companies outside of Japan have reached out to us asking us to perform. We would love to take everyone up on their offers and start bringing KAO=S overseas, but to do that we need to put out a new album to coincide with an overseas tour. You could help us to make an album that lets us showcase our unique Japanese sound and spread our music and Japanese culture to other countries. We don’t want to miss this chance – we need your help to release our album and take KAO=S to the world.

Please check more detail KAO=S’s Indiegogo page


KAO=S has begun collaborating with booking agency Fuchsia

KAO=S meets Touken Ranbu!!


Do you know “Touken Ranbu”? Touken Ranbu or Tourabu is a game about personified Japanese swords (katana). Players use these swords to fight battles and clear quests to earn great rewards.
KAO=S appeared in the project to play the music of this game with Japanese traditional instruments. And KAO=S’s Kaori Kawabuchi aka Samurai Lady performed sword dance with many kinds of Japanese sword. Footage of this is uploaded on Youtube.
You can watch that movie on the movie site “nicovideo” too (requires membership.) Unfortunately, this site only available in Japanese.
■nicovideo Wagaku Ikusaba No Narai 【Tourab Arrangement】
■Touken Ranbu Fan page on Facebook (English)


※Member of this project
・Project Name “SAMURAI MMD”
・Project Producer : Koutarou Fujiyama
(Japanese traditional magician. TEDxTokyo Performer. Oculus Rift Hashilus producer.)
・Sword Performance : Mon-emon Mimasu (Edo Spinning Top Artist)
・Shamisen Artist : Nami Kinoie website

JACK composes music! The short movie project crowed funding was successful.


“Ryu no Odoriko Monogatari” (The story of dragon’s dancer).
This short movie is made based on the folktale of a city called Akoh in Japan.
Jack and Shuji Yamagiri from KAO=S created the music used in this movie,
and Jack appears in this movie, too.
This movie’s project uses crowd funding to cover production costs. It reached the amount of aim yesterday. Thank you for supporting us.

Jack and Shuji went to Akoh for the location hunt of the movie yesterday.
And they joined the party with Akoh’s people. Jack and Shuji played Shamisen and Guitar and they enjoyed party. They promised the success of the movie for Akoh’s people. I will let you know about this movie info in this site.

CNN The Art Of Movement O.A Schedule ~KAO=S news release~




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